Table rendering performance with dart, dart2js and handwritten js

The data for creating the table is a matrix of 4000 rows x 10 cols of random strings.

I tested the table rendering performance for the following scenarios with the same data

  1. Dart code generating the table and run in Dartium (Chromium browser with Dart VM built-in) with checked mode disabled
  2. Ran dart2js on the same dart code and ran it on Chromium
  3. Hand-written JS program with no table libraries
  4. Hand-written JS program with Google table library.
I have posted the code for all these tests at github. []

Test pseudocode

start_time = now()
loop 20 times {
stop_time = now()
avg_time = (stop_time - start_time)/20
report avg_time in milliseconds

Software versions
Dart Editor version 1.0.0_r30798 (STABLE)
Dart SDK version

Dartium Version 31.0.1650.39 (1593)
Chromium Version 27.0.1453.93 Built from source for Fedora release 19 (Schrödinger’s Cat) (200836)


Table rendering performance (Smaller is better)